Margarita Pantous: Opening @ Plastico

We are delighted to announce our upcoming solo exhibition featuring drawings by the artist, Margarita Pantous.

Join us on Saturday, 22nd February 2020 at 8pm to share a glass of wine with us and the artist!


The exhibition will showcase Margarita Pantous' realistic drawings which are dedicated to an array of interesting subjects.
The artist plays on the power of reinterpretation of reality to remind us that the real is never in stasis.


Margarita Pantous was born in Ermoupolis.
She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tinos and then continued her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She worked as a Sculptor at Peter Delatola’s Marble Sculpture Studio in Tinos Spitalia and at the Fratelie Sculpture Studio in Italy for a year. Near Nicolas Gaitis, Margarita Pantous learned the art of iconography and Fresco technique.
She was honored to be one of the members of her artistic team for several years. Margarita has done many solo exhibitions in Greece and overseas and she has participated in several
collective exhibitions.
Her works can be found in the Folklore Museum of Kardiani in Tinos, in the Cyclades Gallery and in many private collections.
In recent years she has been involved with tattooing professionally working in many tattoo studios in Athens
and abroad. She now lives in Ermoupolis and is involved in Tattoo and Painting (mainly portraits) in the studio she maintains in her hometown.
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