A Very Sicilian Justice @ Plastico

On Saturday, 25th January at 7:30 pm, Plastico invites you to attend the screening of the film, "A Very Sicilian Justice".
The documentary is an intimate portrait of an Italian judge living under constant threat as he tries to take on the mafia. 
It will follow an open conversation with film director, Toby Follett.

About the movie

Italy has a dark history of mafia violence and political corruption. But it also has many incredibly brave and brilliant public servants - police, magistrates and politicians - who risk their lives and careers day in, day out to fight this enemy within.

A Very Sicilian Justice, narrated by Helen Mirren and directed by Paul Sapin and Toby Follett, is the astonishing and shocking story of Judge Nino Di Matteo - a brave man and public servant - who lives in fear and whose freedom is severely restricted simply because he is doing his job. Among those profiled in the film are a former mafia assassin-turned-state witness as well as Borsellino's brother, and the son of the late former mayor of Palermo Vito Ciancimino, who was also known as "Don Vito".

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