Bianco e Nero: Opening Event @ Plastico

Plastico dedicates the last exhibition of 2019 to our beloved country, Italy.

On Saturday 7th December at 8 pm, photographer Chrysostomos Galathris invites us to a walk through the little “calle” of Venezia, one of the most vibrant and magic cities in the world.

About the Exhibition

Of all the cities, probably Venice is the one that Greek photographer Chrysostomos Galathris loved the most.
This floating city has opened up to his eyes (and camera), showing him its majestic architecture and the richness of its history.
The exhibition “Black and White” (literally, ασπρόμαυρο) is a homage to the unique charm of the Italian capital. The title also reveals an artistic choice of the photographer who believes that Venice’s elegance can only be captured in black and white, leaving to the viewer's imagination the colours and the sounds.
Moved by the beauty, history, and culture of Venice, this exhibition is inviting you to fall in love with Venice as the artist did when he stepped in the city for the very first time.

About the Artist

Chrisostomos Galathris was born on the island of Samos and today lives in Athens. He has studied photography at the Athens Focus School of Arts and in Switzerland, at the CEPV School of Photography of Vevey. Chrisostomos has participated at several photography ehibitions in Greece and abroad.
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