Poetry Night @ Plastico Gallery

Join us on Saturday 16th November 2019 at 8 pm for a night dedicated to one of the highest forms of expression, poetry.

Hosted by the talented writer, Hara Yiannakopoulou, our Poetry Night is an excursion into the written word and an opportunity for anyone in the room to become a poet emboldened to sing songs or pen poems that delight and excite!

You may not be a cool poet (yet!) but this event is not asking you to show your skills, but to share with others your thoughts and feeling, with your own words.


We care about bringing our friends and artists together which is why we hold events such as our famous, Poetry Night!
If you want to read your poems, we invite you to reserve your slot by email plasticosyros@gmail.com or by phone, 2281080426 or simply dropping by our cafè-gallery!

Please note that we request to sign up to group like-minded writers together and ensure we all have a great night!
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