Opening: Code & Mysteries by Theodore Merkos @ Plastico Gallery

Plastico Gallery is honoured to host the exhibition "Codes & Mysteries" of the young artist, Theodore Merkos.
The opening will take place on Saturday, 9th November 2019 at 8pm.

Join us for an evening dedicated to art, exploring the unseen, and learning to see through the "code" composed of millions of tiny dots.


The intense and reflective exhibition "Codes & Mysteries" finds its interpretation through the words of this poem written by the artist himself:

Dreams await us
Turn the page to tomorrow
and maybe you get to the end of the book
Of death the back of it smells
And when even the stars cease to exist
darkness and her will be left
So shut the door
before I awake


Theodore Merkos is a young, self-taught artist.
He was born in Athens and raised in Agrinio.
He studies design in Syros and, at the same time, he engages in painting.
Since he was a child, he loved arts. He was particularly drawn towards painting. So it came naturally to him to use this form of expressions to communicate his feelings and thoughts.

You can find more about his the artist and his work on Facebook and Instagram
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