Gentle Events: Opening @ Plastico Gallery

Gentle Events is the photographic exhibition of multi-talented Italian artist and writer, Samuele Livornese.
Plastico Gallery invites you to join us and the artist for the opening that will take place on Friday, 13th September 2019 at 8pm.
On display until 4th October 2019.

About the exhibition

The photographs on display are made with the old method of the darkroom.
What for many is a nostalgic operation, for Samuele is a matter of magic: the image is there, waiting for the moment to reveal itself.
The photographs on display in our gallery are a representation of moments of everyday events, people and objects in the artist's life.
One of the series has for a subject the agave plants. Their name means "marvellous" in ancient Greek and they are also called "ever-living" plants.
A second series is realized with the technique of the double exposure (superimposition in camera), and its title is "a life's game".
Other photographs are scattered shots or a selection of photographs belonging to bigger series which didn't find their place on Plastico' walls.
Last but not least, a few shots of the English singer, David Bowie: there is no music in the pictures... or maybe there is.

The title of the exhibition "Gentle Events" refers to the gracious interactions between photons (massless particles) and other particles to create an infinite series of gentle (quantum) events.
The aggregation of these events gives rise to what we see as reality, which is writing itself with the light.

About the artist

Samuele Livornese was born in Messina, Italy. He has a diploma in Russian and English language and culture. Additionally, he has a certificate of Film Directing [course by Leonid
Alekseychuk, Palermo, Italy] as well as a Diploma of Fiction Cinema Director [Academy Michalkov, Moscow, Russia].
He's active as a writer, filmmaker, translator and photographer. The craftsmanship is a constant feature of his works, especially in photography. Photographic films, acids, pliers, red light, eyes, time, patience, have been the ingredients of the present exhibition.
Samuele is in love with Greece and he lives on Syros at present, but later, who knows...
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