Iconic Mantra @ Plastico Gallery

Iconic Mantra. A live performance by artists Isabelle Derigo and Salvatore Cultrera.

On Saturday, 17th August at 8:30 pm, Plastico invites you to the exclusive performance piece "Iconic Mantra" presented by the artists Isabelle Derigo and Salvatore Cultrera.

In this original and live event, Isabelle and Salvatore will invite participants to recognise the uniqueness, the beauty and the glory of our simple and daily actions.

Through the iconic images of comics superheroes, the evening will offer an unusual and yet serious answer to the question: who are we? Really?

While enjoying your Saturday night's drink, you are encouraged by the artists, like a mantra expression, to repeatedly claim your superheroic identity and lead to the affirmation that we are all superheroes of our own lives.


Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Isabelle Derigo started her journey into the Visual Arts using traditional media such as painting, sculpture, collage and photography, before dedicating herself to Performance Art since 2008. She has travelled extensively in the US, Asia and Australia exploring the “ancient soul’’ and experimental art to develop her genre which incorporates her strong yoga background as an art medium in itself.
You can find out more about Isabelle's performances on her website.

Musician and performer, Salvatore Cultrera was born in Catania, Italy. He lived around the world before making of Syros his home.
He is a guitarist and a songwriter. His curious and creative spirit brought him to experiment with various techniques, creating unique and original handmade objects, like jewellery.
Through the collaboration with the artist-performer, Isabelle Derigo, his wife and creative partner, Salvatore explores the subtle work of sensual photographies that then are shaped into skulls to embody the unity between the material and the spiritual work.

Saturday 17th August 2019
20.30 / Plastico Gallery, Hermoupolis, Syros

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