The exhibition "Hypothesis" @ Plastico Gallery

Plastico opens its doors to summer breeze and starts the month with the tantalising and graceful work of talented photographer, Antigone Kourakou.

You are all invited to join the public opening, on Saturday 1st June at 8pm, and share a glass of wine with the artist who graces us with her presence.

The art editor, Richard Malinsky, has defined her work "expressive", "experimental" and her style "diametrically opposed to the more literal interpretation of point-and-shoot photography".

The exhibition "Hypothesis" is a minimal representation of the reality made of faces, gestures, branches, leaves, thick shadows – and recomposed to create an enigmatic world.
Looking at Antigone Kourakou's photographs, the viewer comes to realize that what lies at the core of her work is not so much what is happening when shooting, but the struggling balance between reality and fantasy, a balance that creates a dynamic composition that urges us to a silent introspection.

Saturday 1st June at 8pm


Antigone Kourakou lives and works in Athens as a photographer and an art conservator-restorer. At the same time, she is professionally occupied in making mosaics and she has participated in international exhibitions and events (12th International AIMC 2010, 1st International Festival of Contemporary Mosaics, Ravenna, Italy 2011).
Her relationship with photography starts in 1998, while still studying art conservation. This experience motivates her to engage further in the medium, both on a theoretical and on a technical level. She begins systematic work on photography in 2010, by which time it serves as a means of seeking and expressing a personal aesthetic sense.
Her work has been exhibited in Greece (Athens Photo Festival 2018, Parallel Voices Photometria International Photography festival 2017) and abroad (LensCulture Black & White Photography Awards - NY USA 2019, Festival La Quatrieme Image - France 2017, Med Photo Fest - Italy 2017 ) and published in international magazines, catalogues and online publications.

Learn more about the artist on her website:
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