Davide Livornese LIVE @ Plastico

This Saturday 15.6.2019 at 21.00, join us in a beautiful musical journey with the talented Italian musician and composer, Davide Livornese.
In the simple atmosphere of our gallery, Davide will introduce us to the sophisticated sounds that belong to his heritage.
His repertoire features a wide range of genres (Sicilian, ancient, Sephardic, baroque, medieval music) and his music is influenced by various cultures he has explored during the last years.
From rock to blues, from jazz to folk sound, Davide will bring the sun and the charm of the land that so much the Greeks loved.



Davide Livornese was born in Sicily. At a very young age, he explored the expressive possibilities of guitar and voice.
He played in various bands before moving to Florence where he began studying classical guitar, harmony and lyrical song.
He also started a theatrical journey as an actor and composer which brought him to become conscious of the body as an instrument.
Soon after, he moved to Milan where he played in an avant-garde ensemble and founded an experimental rock band.

Davide currently lives in Greece where he continues his research studying Ottoman and traditional music.
He plays his music in several projects. He is also the art director of the acclaimed festival "Spring in Sicily" which every year attracts big artists and musicians like Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Daud Khan Sadozai and many others.
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