Retrospective 2008-2018 @ Plastico Gallery

Plastico is very honoured to present a retrospective of one of its own co-founders: the Greek artist, Spiros Baras.

Retrospective 2008-20018 is the first full-scale retrospective over 10 years. This exhibition brings together the most definitive paintings and portraits of the artist. 

Spiros Baras' rich and expansive practice is represented by a wide range of techniques, including oil paintings, watercolours, limited edition art prints and a selection of previously unseen works.

About the artist

Spiros Baras is a Greek artist, born and raised in Athens. He started to paint soon after obtaining his diploma in Graphic Arts, given his increasing fascination with visual symbolism and allegory. After receiving a graduate certificate in Digital Culture, he also works on different series of digital artworks incorporating mixed media. In 2015 he co-founded The
Pattern Tales, a project dedicated to the creation of literature inspired original digital prints and goods. 
Since 2018, he co-owns Plastico, a café-gallery with an Italian soul situated right in the heart of the city of Ermoupolis, Syros.

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