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After a long and gloomy winter, Plastico Gallery is excited to celebrate the upcoming spring season with the fresh, bright exhibition of Greek painter, Danelis Yannis

The opening event will be opened by the artist himself and it will take place at Plastico Gallery on Saturday, 16th March, 8pm.

Everyone is invited to join us for a glass of wine, some Italian "stuzzichini" and a friendly chat with the artist himself!

About the artist

Yannis Danelis holds a postgraduate degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Digital Art Imaging.
His innate passion for art, motivated him to study at the University of the Arts London (UAL), Europe's largest specialist university for art and design, where he perfected his painting and drawing techniques.
Back in Greece, he graduated in Art Theater and finished with a merit-scholarship the faculty of European Civilization in Athens.
Yannis considers the English painter, John Craxton, his teacher.
At Craxton's home, he was honoured to meet the art author and biographer, Ian Collins, with whom Yannis has been working since 2007.
Yannis Danelis today lives and works in Syros and his thirst for knowledge hasn't ended: he is currently attending a Master at the Department of Industrial Design at the Aegean University while he teaches History of Art at the Vardakio School.
He is also a very active painter and his exhibitions are widely appreciated in Syros, Mykonos and the other Cyclades islands.

Saturday, 16th March, 8pm.
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