From Rouen to Syros @ Plastico Syros

We are happy to invite you to the opening of our new exhibition. This time around, the artworks flew directly from France...

Opening Event: 12 January 2019 | 8 p.m.

Semilu is an underground, pop, self-taught, social, cigarette-addicted French artist who lives in Rouen, Normandy.
Her work depicts her lifestyle made of artistic events like Apéros* (the Italian equivalent of "Aperitivo") that gather friendly locals that have in common a true passion for cigarettes and red wine. The main subjects in her drawings are herself, her boyfriend Gwen, her dog Goran and close friends she draws portraits of like they are her family.
She uses different techniques and media including Posca pens on paper, Staedtler pens, watercolours or acrylic paint. 

We are very excited to host some of her latest work in our gallery, and although she cannot be in Ermoupoli this time (she is expecting a baby very soon!), she shares the same excitement, hoping you enjoy the first exhibition in Greece!

P.S. She already promised us that after she gives birth, she will drink one glass of wine every time someone from our customers likes her page or work on Facebook and on Instagram!
Be numerous!

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*Apéro is a French concept for drinking before dining and usually leads to skipping the dinner. Professional Apéros organizers usually don’t plan a dinner at all and instead put on the table slices of French saucisson (sort of small dry salami), French cheese, French bread and industrial ready-made tasteless crackers that people eat late at night when there is no other choice. 

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