Eye's Walk Digital Festival 2019 - Open Call for artists

Syros // 30,31 August 2019 

Video Installation Art 
Virtual Reality 
Augmented Reality applications 

"Bird-lime your kiss, Timarion -your eyes are fire! 
If you look at me - you burn, if you touch, you have caught me fast" - Meleager*

«Ξόβέργα έχεις, Τιμάριον, το φιλί τα μάτια σου φωτιά! 
Όπου τα ρίξεις, καίνε -Όποιος σ' άγγίξει, να ξεκολλήσει δεν μπορεί..» - Μελέαγρος*

Open Call for artists

Modern society is mainly determined by denial, confrontation and differences. Our position is affirmative, constructive. Eye's Walk Digital Festival 2019 is inspired by the erotic poetry of Meleager, 1st century BC. We acknowledge the Erotic speech and the thrill it causes as an opening to life and to the society. It opens the door to our self-recognition and at the same time, for a short moment, it unifies us with the beloved one. Eros resonates with the body's own cells and tissues. The Erotic speech is a shared communion. When it comes out it rushes loudly in all ways, and it is always revealing.

We believe it is time for everyone to express themselves. Especially women, disabled persons, immigrants, people of any sexual orientation, social origin and race. Video Installation Art in public space will glorify Eros as our imperishable heritage.

Project Guidelines:

• Video Art Installations at key locations that define the character of the city: max. duration 5 minutes.
• Site specific installations / Performing art and dance exhibitions in public space

We encourage proposals that will enhance the participation of the audience and the community. max. duration 10 minutes
• Virtual Reality / Augmented reality installations.

The team of the Eye's Walk Digital festival will be responsible for the curatorial work and the production.

Starting from the island of Syros the project "Eros" may appear in other cities in Greece and abroad as an opportunity for the audience to connect with the public space through the art.

Applications deadline is April 15th, 2019

Submit your proposal at info@eyeswalk.gr
Visit our web page www.eyeswalk.gr
Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/eyeswalk/
See flyer https://bit.ly/2U5xg9n

* Meleager, (flourished 1st century BC, b. Gadara [now Umm Qays, Jordan]), Greek poet who compiled the first large anthology of epigrams. This was the first of the collections that made up what is known as the Greek Anthology. Meleager's own poems are neatly constructed, and they treat erotic themes with cleverness; they had a considerable influence on the epigrams written during the time of the Roman Empire. He lived in Tyre and, in old age, on the Aegean island of Cos. [Encyclopedia Britannica].
** We thank Mr Standis Apostolidis for the Greek and English translation.
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