2nd International Conference Geomapplica 2018 (25-29.6.2018)

Second International Conference on Geomatics Applications, "Geomapplica II" will be an international event aiming at presenting ongoing research activities and advances at the various applications of Geomatics. Earth Sciences focuses on real world problems, not only of individuals or working groups from the public or private sector, but also from organisations, research instiututes and universities around the world. 

The use of Geospatial Data is the rising force to the various applications of Geomatics, covering sciences spanning from convetional Syrveying to Global Mapping Systems, Aerial Photography to High Resolution Satellite Imagery Processing and Spatial Data Analysis to Geospatial Programming.

More information http://2018.geomapplica.eu/


Topics of the Geomapplica International Conference cover a wide range of interest fields on Geosciences varying from Satellite Imagery Applications to Architectural Engineering to Sustainable Development.

During the Conference both oral or poster presentation are accepted at your preference while registering. Both are considered of equal value and no distinction is made in the Conference Proceedings.


Geomapplica International Conference is a part of a sequence of events aiming in bring together scientists working on the wider subject of Geomatics.

The Conference is an effort to join together researchers from centers of all over the world.

The events are taking place at stimulus locations in the Greek Archipelago Islands offering to the participants the luxurious accommodation, the cultural tradition and the uniqueness of the natural environment of the venue.


University of Thessaly
Department of Planning and Regional Development
School of Engineering
Pedion Areos, 383 34, Volos - Greece
e-mail: secretary@geomapplica.eu
tel: +302421074471
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