City Beats! G-Groove / Kostas Skretas / Theodore Ali @ Peiramatiko

Τα City Beats επιστρέφουν στην πόλη μετά από καιρό παρέα στα decks.

G-Groove, Kostas Skretas και Theodore Ali παίζουν ότι καλύτερο από τον χώρο της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής...

Πέμπτη 9/11/2017 μετά τις 22:00

Vaggelis Gryparis, better known by his stage names G-GROOVE and BEAT ON BOARD, 
is an electronic-music DJ and producer from Greece, Have studied Musical technology and production of music. 
He has released on labels such as, Ready Mix (Canada), Drizzle Music (USA), Soulshift (USA), Planetworks (GR) & NRG (GR). 
His career as guest Dj it begins in 2000, as well as a longtime performer for many Athens & Mykonos-based clubs, including Sixx Athens , Pacha and Paradise club , 
He has been presented next to very famous Djs and producers as: Paul Van Dyk, Erick Morillo, M.A.N.D.Y , Hot Since 82 , Francois Kevorkian, 
Matthias Heilbronn, Milk and Sugar, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Miles Hollway, Jay-J, Latrice Barnett and a lot of other.

Kostas Skretas
Kostas Skretas was born in 1984 at the city of Athens (Greece) and grew up in Syros, an island of Cyclades until the age of 17. He studied Electronic Engineering at the city of Lamia(GR) till the age of 23 and then he returned back to Syros(GR) to finish his military duties at Hellenic Navy. He started playing the piano in a very young age, but soon he realized that his music interests went far away from just classical melodies! In 2001, after a few years of collecting music he started playing music at local bars and clubs in Syros. Experimenting in various music he understood that progressive house music was closer to his likes. Releases of Kostas have been supported by artists like Hernan Cattaneo(ARG) , Eelke Kleijn(NL), Shiloh, Flash Brothers, Christian Cambas(GR), V-Sag(GR), Adrianos Papadeas(GR), Denis A, Eelke Kleijn, Nick Varon and Cid Inc. just to name a few. These days he is really busy producing and organizing events along friends under the name of DeepGroove Music Arts TM. Releases Kostas Skretas -- Blur Dreams (Original mix) (Bit Records Mexico) Kostas Skretas -- Blur Dreams (Christos Fourkis Remix) (Bit Records Mexico) Kostas Skretas -- Tears On the Leaf EP (Inc Lank, Claes Rosen, Aeron Aether, David Kassi and Matt Rowan Remixes) (Dark Pleasure Rec.) Kostas Skretas -- Tears on the Leaf (Remixes EP) (Inc. Ben Coda, Sezer Uysal, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic , Mahos Paterakis Remix) Dark Pleasure Rec. Christos Fourkis -- Dust in the wind (Kostas Skretas Remix) Dark Pleasure Rec Danny Terrazza -- Deeper Fields (Kostas Skretas Remix) Dark Pleasure Rec Sezer Uysal -- Fall in Love in Moscow (Kostas Skretas Remix) (Baroque Rec.) Kostas Skretas -- Summer Star (Inc. Max Demand, Chris Domingo Remixes)(The Sound Of Everything) Forthcoming Kostas Skretas -- Night Call (inc George Delkos Remix) TBA Bobby Deep & Venes -- What Kind of love (Kostas Skretas & Sergi Only that love we can give Remix) Appearances Kostas Skretas -- Summer Star (Max Demand Deep in love remix) (Adrianos Papadeas -- Concealed truth Vol. 3)

Theodore Ali
Theodore Alifragkis (aka Theodore Ali) was born in Pescara, Italy, on June 4th, 1985. After a few years he moved to Syros, where he lives.
From 2003 to 2011 he studied in Kozani and Thessaloniki, where acquired its first substantive contacts with electronic music. Since then plays music professionally, locally and nationally (Kilkis - Corfu - Syros) and has performed with well - known names of Greek electronic scene as Mikele, Mikee and others. 
Recently, is dealing with the production of music, too. In 2012 the label Mistique Music released the track ‘’Beta Love’’ in collaboration with Kostas Skretas and a remix by Adrianos Papadeas. He is influenced by progressive,house, electro and techno sounds. Shortly expected the release of the ep ‘’We are’’ by Beat Block Records and a remix for Mystic Carousel Records.
Labels: Us & Them Records, Mistique Music, Mystic Carousel Records, Beat Block Records.
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